Much Overdue

To celebrate Yuling’s return to work after maternity leave, we booked a two-night stay in the beautiful Salish Lodge and Spa, located next to the magnificent Snoqualmie Falls.

Since we had never taken an overnight trip with Amelia, we felt that Salish Lodge was a safe place to start. The lodge is only about 1 hour east of our home in Seattle. This would allow us to make a quick escape in case things did not go well.

I will let the photos on the Salish Lodge website speak for themselves about the splendor of the location. Suffice it to say, in person it is every bit as magnificent as it looks on the internet. The lodge property sits directly next to the public park. The park itself has several points to view the falls from, and a 1-mile trail which takes visitors down a steep (at least for someone wearing a baby) but well-maintained trail down to the base of the falls. But more on all that later.

The staff at Salish are exceptionally courteous. This begins from the moment you pull up. The lodge exclusively offers valet parking. The valets even unloaded our car for us upon arrival, allowing us to proceed to the check-in desk. As a further example of excellent service, we had a small mix-up with our room selection: we thought we had selected a room with a large bath tub during booking only to find the room type we actually booked had only a shower. The check-in staff were happy to allow us to change rooms at no charge, and even allowed us to retain access to the first room so Yuling could finish feeding Amelia while I moved our things.

The room (both of them) were clean and modern. Our only disappointment was actually with our first room, which while being described as having a view…didn’t have much of a view: just a glimpse at the river above the falls. For that reason, we were not too disappointed when our room with the large tub was at the ground level and only had a view of its patio.

The rooms came with a fancier set of instruments for making coffee than you typically find in even hotels as nice as this. The copper kettle and glass pot allow you to prepare yourself a nice pour over. Of course, there is also a full room service menu. Although we did not have our dog with us, he would have been happy to see there was a canine room service menu as well.

During our first afternoon, Yuling took a nap while I took a walk through the park.

That night, we ate dinner in the Dinning Room. The Dinning Room is the more upscale option of the two dining venues at the lodge. As we had Amelia with us, I regret to say that all of my attention was focused on her and I neglected to capture any photos of our meal. As it turns out, this trip was a practice run for not only traveling with a child, but also trying to travel blog while traveling with a child. However, the food was nothing short of exquisite. Though I keep a vegetarian diet, I had no trouble finding options on the menu which satisfied my pallet.