Much Overdue

Closing Thoughts

Overall, this trip taught us a bit about traveling with our baby. Here is a summary of what we learned:

  • We didn’t think about where we would put Amelia when we were not holding her. This was not a problem when hiking (when she would be in the carrier) or dining (she stayed in the car seat for the most part). However, when we were in our hotel room, we really wished we had a bouncer.
  • We were not prepared to bathe Amelia without her plastic bath tub (and it is too big to carry with us.) Putting a shallow amount of water in the big (adult) bath tub was awkward. We still don’t have a solution for baths on the go. Also, she doesn’t like playing in the water in a big tub as much.

The final thing that was most surprising to me as a new dad was how much babies (or at least our baby) enjoyed just being a part of things. I was concerned going into this trip that we would have to spend a lot of time entertaining her or distracting her. However, Amelia was very content to have me just carry her around and talk to her about what I saw and what I was doing.