Much Overdue

Two Weeks Abroad has added a new member to our editorial staff.

Amelia – Child Travel Expert

Amelia was born to Aleks and Yuling in December of 2018. She will be advising us on the fitness of our travel experiences for newborns.

Due to the time and effort we spent attempting to fill the role of “Child Travel Expert”, this blog has not received much attention since our trip to Taiwan and Japan. The three of us hope to change that soon.

More seriously, becoming a parent means relearning many things, including how to balance your time. We have resumed traveling, but the writing is trickling in at a slower pace and it will take some time for us to adapt.

We have a bigger trip planned in August of this year, where we will be heading to this Hawaiian island of Kauai for one week (do I need to change the name of the site?) It will be our first plane trip with Amelia. However, this post is about a more modest trip the three of us took back in April 2019 to a near by destination: Salish Lodge and Spa.